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As Sultani arts and jewellery we know that offering fine wholesale and retail silver handmade jewellery at good prices is only part of the story . Our father has begun to work at the Grand Bazaar in 1971 he build he’s own company as Sultan’i jewellery he specialized himself on manufacturing and wholesale silver handmade pieces doing also retail sales on his on side . Sultan’i wholesale and retail jewellery dates since 1971 and has begin to work with many grand masters doing special and unique handmade jewellery designs at the grand bazaar in istanbul turkey Then with time and knowledge our company has grown and is manufacturing wholesale pieces in silver and also doing special handmade fine silver with many other countries in the world .For 25 years Sultan’i wholesale jewellery and arts has offered exceptional jewellery with great customer service .Those services contains good prices , wholesale manufacturer in istanbul grand bazaar special jewellery unique handmade jewellery .As a wholesale and manufacturer fine silver jewellery in istanbul sultani arts has a strong national presence and is an indisputable leader in silver manufacturing and making unique handmade jewellery pieces .

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